6 week booty & abs workout plan – Week 2

workout 1


3 x 12

  • Place the bar across your upper back (not neck).
  • Keep the elbows pointed down with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Sitting the weight through the heels, push your glutes backwards.
  • Keep your shoulders back and chest up.

Barbell hip thrusts (3s pause)

12 x 3

  • Barbell rests below the hips against a fixed bench with the middle of your back/ shoulders on the bench.
  • Feet hip width apart hinging the hips down and and up pushing through the heels.
  • keep the chin tucked in and slowly release back to your starting position.

Cable abduction into courtesy lunge

2 x 12

  • Place glute strap/handle around ankle.
  • Facing side on to the cable machine slowly adduct your working leg.
  • Release the working leg and with the standing leg perform and curtsy lunge.

Barbell RDLs

5 x 3

  • Hold the bar hip level with your palms facing down (pronated grip).
  • Keep your shoulders back and knees slightly bent (rest of the movement through your hips).
  • Lower the bar pushing your glutes out.
  • On the way back up drive the hips forward and squeeze the glutes at the top.


15 x 2

  • Place the glute strap/ handle around your ankle/foot.
  • Face the weight stack from a distance of about 2 feet holding the frame for support.
  • Keep your knees and hips slight bent contract your glutes and slowly kick back the working leg. 
  • Slowly release back to your starting position.


12 x 3

  • Place one leg on the bench and the other in front of you.
  • Slowly descend towards the ground
    Keep your shoulders back and chest up.
  • At the bottom of the moment drive through the heels back up.

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