6 week booty & Abs workout programme

Below is your 6 week workout programme designed to target muscle growth and fat loss through-out your whole body with a focus of glutes and abs.



Every exercise has been created to hit all the different subdivisions and to train all the different sectors and rep ranges. Sessions are not too strenuous due to the high frequency of muscle activation, this is done to ensure you can complete all sessions without DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) overly effecting your workout.

If at any point you find a workout too difficult / easy or DOMS are effecting your session you can either increase or decrease any of the following: weight, rest time, sets & reps. Try not to avoid an exercise.

Before each session conduct a warm up and a cool down. The warm up will decrease chances of injury by delivering blood and oxygen to the working muscles and increases body temperature, which reduces the chance for muscle and tendon injuries. The cool down will help bring your HR to normal resting levels and can help shift lactic acid from your muscles which will decease effects of fatigue & DOMS which is very important due to the frequency of your training especially lower body!

During the warm up aim for 3-5 minutes on the Treadmill / Cross trainer / Rower / Bike etc and preferably dynamic stretches for the muscles that will be worked during the session ahead. And for a cool down 3-5 minutes on any of the cardio equipment above and a seres of static stretch for the muscles worked in your session.

If some of these exercises are new to you then start very light and slow, get used to the moving patterns before building up. I will offer 24/7 support through Email for any questions or if available ask a fitness professional who works at your gym if you are unsure of your form. There will be a photo library below demonstrating all exercises but will never hurt to double check.




As Many Reps As Possible

“12 x 3”

12 reps x 3 sets


Pre / post exhaust set (aka superset) – 2 exercises back to back – no rest