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My vision is to properly guide you in the right direction in order for you to reach your full potential regardless of your age or body type. I conduct my sessions in a fun, innovative and professional environment working towards not just a better physique but a better mind. There’s no greater satisfaction than helping my clients achieve the fitness goals they’ve always dreamed off. This is a feeling I continually strive for.

I am on a mission to transform as many lives as possible and make a positive impact wherever I can.

Every hour you spend with me should be the best hour of your day.

"I couldn’t ask for a better PT"

“I couldn’t ask for a better PT, Reece is so determined to get you your results, always pushing you in every session, at times I want to cry but the results are most defiantly showing with the hard work we are putting in. Every session is different which keeps them enjoyable and helps with motivation. GO RH “

– Meg Richman

"I feel more motivated and stronger than ever"

“So me and Reece have been training for about 5 months now, when I came to him I was weak and lacked general fitness. Through our sessions I feel more motivated and stronger than ever. He has helped me in many aspects of my life from my diet & training to my general mindset, he has changed my life for the better as well as my fitness and physique.“

– Luke Cook

"He’s a perfect example of hard work"

“The only personal trainer I have been training with for 6 years now. I have always considered a PT but could never find the one with the right energy, until I met Reece. He’s a perfect example of hard work personal growth and discipline. I now move in ways I could never have imagined and I’m unlocking my mind is so many better ways through the methods he has taught me. My body and mind has dramatically changed to where I thought I would never get to, thats what it’s about!“

– Joe Sinclaire

"He’s the best personal trainer"

“I’m so pleased since I started personal training with Reece. He has given me the best motivation and support to help me lose weight and gain confidence. I have learnt so much from him and he really helps you reach your goals. He’s the best personal trainer and I would recommend him to anyone!”

– Lois Aitchison

“Innovation, that's the word that sums up Reece"

“Innovation, that’s the word that sums up Reece Hallard best. This guy constantly gives me new ideas and techniques for my workouts. He is incredibly knowledgeable on the human body as well as nutrition (once giving me advice on how to survive a whole night shift by changing my food intakes etc) on top of that Reece is a great motivator to have around and help towards my goals physically and mentally, I recommend this man for anyone at any age and any level of exercise. You wont regret it!“

– Mayank Desai

“the best motivation and support"

I’m so pleased I started personal training with Reece, he has given me the best motivation and support to help me lose weight and gain confidence. I have learnt so much from him and he really helps you reach your goals. He’s the best personal trainer and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Lois Aitchison

“great results in such a short space of time"

“I started PT sessions with Reece in hope to loose weight before my 30th birthday. The training was extremely beneficial and I managed to achieve great results in such a short space of time. The sessions had my body and mind feeling the highest levels of stimulation. This effect was able to give me a positive outlook on my everyday life, especially in regards to mentality. Reece is the ultimate motivator. He always makes sure you a comfortable in each of the various workouts within the sessions. I will be continuing my journey with Reece well beyond my 30th! And would advice anyone not to hesitate in contacting him to help them achieve there goals”

– Faud Haibatan

“I really enjoy training with Reece"

“I have been training with Reece for 18 months now and he has played a huge part in helping me achieve my fitness and weight goals! His tenacity and motivation has helped me to push myself to grow my strength, build my stamina, perfect my technique and and improve my confidence in the gym. Reece is passionate about helping his clients and it shows through his dedication and commitment in my sessions. I really enjoy training with Reece. He’s the best PT”

Sophie Williams

“Reece's flexibility is really beneficial"

“Reece has motivated me so much to help me achieve my goals, he always pushes me in our sessions, I’ve been working out for a long time but I have never felt benefits like when I’m with him, I have seen great results in such small time frame, I’ve lost weight and gained great muscle and shape. Any time of the day he always answers my questions. As cabin crew its sometimes difficult to work around my busy schedule but Reece’s flexibility is really beneficial. I recommend him to anyone with a busy lifestyle and looking to get results fast!”

Billy Draifi

“Reece is such a friendly and fantastic PT"

“Reece is such a friendly and fantastic PT. Hes made me feel comfortable and confident enough to step out my comfort zone to see the results I have been after. He has had me lifting weights again which has been great for my confidence. Reece makes each session fun and interesting and always sets new challenges and targets for me! I’m well on the way to where I want to be and I cant thank him enough for his encouragement and support!”

– Gracie Cornwall

“Reece is such a great trainer"

“Reece is such a great trainer, easy to deal with and an amazing motivator. While training with Reece I have become much more educated and learned many new techniques alongside adequate recovery methods. I would 100% recommend!”

– Humza Munir

“I would definitely recommend"

“I have been training with Reece for months now and our sessions are only getting better. I have bad gym anxiety and Reece is so understanding and personalises all our workouts each session to make me feel the most comfortable as well as getting the best out of our sessions. He works to gradually build up my confidence to do the more daunting things and with his constant motivation and reassurance we glide through it. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to get into training and to better themselves in and outside the gym.”

– Tam Graham  

“I really enjoy training with Reece"

“I have been training with Reece for about 5 months now, I went to him because I wanted to improve all aspects of my life. I was always tired, I was never consistent with exercise it now its like I’m a different person. I’ve had several personal trainers in the past and have always stopped after a few weeks but I really enjoy training with Reece. He is so knowledgeable and will always help me with anything gym or nutrition related in or outside our sessions. One session is never the same and it never gets boring and he gets me doing things I would be too scared to try by myself. Excited too see where I will be in the next 5 months!”

– Georgia Desjarlais

“Reece keeps our sessions creative"

“I was aiming to increase my strength and fitness and Reece came highly recommended from a friend. He is an excellent motivator and pushes me beyond what I believe I am capable off through positive reinforcement. I’ve often found gym workouts uninspiring but Reece keeps our sessions creative and ambitious with a variety of exercises. I was advised by a Physio before I saw Reece to strengthen my glute and core as I has experiencing some knee pain, Reece has worked with me on this and the improvement has been more than noticeable. I would absolutely recommend Reece to anyone looking to get fast results.”

– Sarah Gould

“I always look forward to my sessions with Reece"

“I always look forward to my sessions with Reece, he always makes me work hard and push myself that bit further when I think I’ve reached my limit. He has a great positive and motivational attitude and is always coming up with new and innovative ideas to extend my training in ways I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. I’ve seen amazing results in my fitness levels and physique since I’ve been working with him, I couldn’t be happier with the care and service I have received.”

– Imogen Minall

“Our PT sessions are lots of fun"

“I have never really enjoyed gym or working out until I started training with Reece. Our PT sessions are lots of fun and he even plays my favourite music in the gym during our sessions! He keeps me super motivated whilst pushing me to my limits. He understands more than I do exactly when I’ve had enough. Reece is super knowledgeable and gives me great support in and out of sessions, providing me with catered meal plans and personalised workouts. No matter the time of day he is always there to give me support or advice. Reece has my highest of recommendations, if you fee like me, you feel self-conscious within the gym then this is the PT for you. He will make you feel 100% comfortable. I plan to continue with Reece for a long time to come.”

– Sam Wynter

“Reece is exceptional"

“This is the first time I have worked with a Personal trainer, I had doubts before I started, to be honest I lacked self esteem, and was very un-confident I didn’t even want to look in the mirror. Since I have started with Reece I have grown so much in confidence and I feel restored back to the real me! Reece is exceptional in his craft and in every way a Wonderfull inspiring motivator. His depth of knowledge, experience and desire to help you maximise your potential is highly engaging. He helps you to not give up by constantly encouraging you. He is so patient, friendly and understanding to your needs. If you wished and prayed for a perfect trainer, then Reece is your answer”

– Wendy D’costa 

“the best shape I’ve ever been"

“Since I started training with Reece, in such a short time I feel in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Reeces knowledge and understanding of your needs to get you your goals is amazing, bringing new creative exercises that I didn’t even know existed. The results I have got so far in the space of 3 months is more than what I’ve seen training on my own in 2 years. I have no doubt that Reece will get me where I want to be in the future and fast! I would highly recommend to anyone no matter what level you are at Reece will take you further and push your goals higher than before.”

– Leon Jackson

“creative exercise regimes"

“ I have been training with Reece for 2 months now and I have already seen significant improvement on muscle gain and definition I highly recommend him as he is a constant inspiration with his unique and creative exercise regimes. Reece also incorporates within his training a hostile approach to the well being of his clients.”

– Jess Rudd

“I am the fittest I have ever been"

“I first started training with Reece after coming across his Instagram which really interested me. His sessions are certainly different to other PTs, my first session defiantly proved that I now feel the results from my sessions as I am the fittest I have ever been. I would highly recommend anyone using Reece as you will end up getting the best results with him.”

– Sam Howes 

“enjoyable and encouraging"

“I’ve been a client of Reece’s for a couple of years now. He is able to deliver sessions that fulfil any needs asked before taking part. The sessions are achievable but tough and demanding. He knows his client and is able to base the sessions upon the level of fitness they are at. The sessions are always enjoyable and encouraging. I would highly recommend.”

– Max Saunders 

“tough but lots of fun"

“I would definitely recommend Reece, his sessions are tough but lots of fun too, Reece pushes me further each time which is what you need! I never leave his sessions without feeling motivated and satisfied that I’m working hard and achieving my goals.”

– Jordanne Kay-polly

“he is a great guy and a great inspiration"

“Training with Reece, he not only pushes you harder than you’ve been pushed before, he does it in a way which makes you believe you can do it. His encouragement and patience is amazing, you end up pushing yourself out your comfort zones because Reece believes and makes you believe in yourself, he gives you confidence and determination in yourself in such an effective way. A PT session with Reece leaves you feeling amazing about yourself, he is a great guy and a great inspiration.”

– Tina Meddows 

“everything you could ask for in a trainer"

“Reece, thank you for doing your job so perfectly. Reece is everything you could ask for in a trainer. He caught my attention while working with other clients, the way he was training them – not your usual 1-1 session. I saw people actually enjoying the session and the motivation Reece was giving them, I couldn’t have chosen a better personal trainer. Since I started training with Reece it didn’t take long for me to see the difference. In just months my size and strength grew rapidly and I now feel so much better in myself. I also love the personalised plan Reece made for me with extra tips, supplement advice and nutrition guidance. Even after moving over 50 miles away, I still travel to Reece to continue our sessions!”

– Domenico Castiello 


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